(PASSING OF Mike Spiegel March 1, 2014)

(PASSING OF Warren J. Sanger March 18th, 2012)


We are sorry to report the passing of Mike Spiegel, one of Bower & Gardner’s most beloved employees (Calendar and Prep Departments.)  Mike had just relocated from New York for Delaware where he was taken ill and after a brief illness left us on March 1, 2014. He is survived by his wife, Marilyn.

His funeral will be in Queens New York on Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 12:45 p.m.

Sinai Chapels

162-05 Horace Harding Expressway

Fresh Meadows, NY


Messages of condolence can be sent to:

Marilyn Spiegel

700 D Village Circle

Newark, Delaware 19713

I hope that you will pass along this sad news to anyone you know who knew and loved Mike.  Any memories you have of Mike can be sent to me at for inclusion in the website under “Ever in Our Hearts”. 

As too many of our friends have left us, I hope you will check the web site and please send me of the names of any B & G alumni who has died and is not included on the list. You might also want to include a “memory”.   Please remember that this web site is the only central place that information can be added and disseminated to all our B & G alumni who key in “bowerandgardner” in Google.  To many of our employees, working at Bower & Gardner was their greatest work experience and the momentum for their eventual career successes. 

This was posted by Stacie Sanger Peckett, Warren Sanger's daughter:  My
father, Warren J. Sanger. He was also an attorney at B&G, until he and
several others began their own firm Bower, Sanger, Lawrence.

My father passed away unexpectedly in Florida on March 18th, 2012, just four
days after leaving my home in Georgia.   He left behind not only a former
wife of 28 years, his son, myself, and nine grandchildren, but also a
beautiful four year daughter.

I just happened to google B&G when I came across your page and I admire the
way you have chosen to  remember those that passed on. My father had shared
many fond stories over the years about many of those you mentioned; Bill
Quirk, Andy Sears John Bower, to name a few.  Thank you for taking the time
to remember these very charismatic and special bunch.


It was the best of times…
It was the worst of times…
There was a time to work…
There was a time to play…

And while…
There was a time to cast away stones…
This is the time to gather stones together...

While we went our separate ways all those many years ago, for many of us, the memories of the commitment we once shared and the bonds and friendships that were formed, continue to this day...


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